Sunday, 24 November 2013

21st - 24th November, 1947 - Ron's first days in his new job and a quick trip to see "Gaslight"

Friday, 21st November, 1947
My first day alone in my newly attained position.  Johnny left me very clear instructions about outstanding things so could not go far wrong today.

I even had time to go to the cinema this evening to see Bogart[1] & Bergman in “Gaslight” it was quite a good story but too long drawn out I thought.

[1]Ever the critic, Ron has actually made a mistake here in that Gaslight starred Charles Boyer not Humphrey Bogart

Saturday, 22nd November, 1947
Work is falling heavier today but so far I have kept my head above water.  Sgt Woods was decent, he did three special reports for me after I gave him the details that saved typing time for oddments.

Sunday, 23rd November, 1947
Unfortunately I could not enjoy this day as a rest day as many jobs were left over from yesterday.

Monday, 24th November, 1947
I find the mornings the busiest time.  First thing is to get the prisoners release from the lock –up typed & signed by A.S.P.  Then any new crimes reported to division for passing to the Duty Officer & onto H.Q. Jerusalem.  Then the 101 other little jobs.  All the bigger things I leave until the afternoon when everything is quiet.  The village Arab coming to the station always comes in the early morning.

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