Friday 15 November 2013

1st - 4th November, 1947 - Working hard in preparation for the inspection and a quick trip to court...

Saturday, 1st November, 1947
Working hard all day again.  The S.P. inspected the Charge Register this afternoon

Sunday, 2nd November, 1947
I was busy getting my hut ready this morning & evening.  With some office work in the afternoon.

Monday, 3rd November, 1947
By getting myself put down for court escort I missed the drill & inspection this morning.

In court were the Khutheh brothers charged with manslaughter in 1939.  They were arrested earlier this year.
Two English & a Palestinian Judge form the bench in this Assize Court.

The Defence council is very clear & it looks to me as though they will get off with it.
Our witnesses are rather hazy on the events that took place eight years ago.

Palestine Police on Parade
source Palestine Police Old Comrades Association 
Tuesday, 4th November, 1947
We were up at 5am this morning to put on our kit ready for A.I.G. Mr Shaw’s inspection this morning.  The parade was at 8.15am.  He inspected all personnel British foot & mounted & Palestinian Foot, Mounted and T.A.C.’s.
All those with rifles were ordered to parade again at twelve.  He next inspected our kit laid out on our beds.  Enquiring about my insect bites he made me strip my bed looking for bugs.  I knew there were none there as I had gone over my bed with a blow lamp only a few days ago.  He agreed with me that my mattress & bedstead were very poor and ordered them changed. 

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