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17th - 20th November, 1947 - Trouble with the power supply, a Royal Wedding and a sudden promotion...

Monday, 17th November, 1947

The engine in the Billet began to be troublesome again tonight, it is very small for the load it feeds into and of late has been off more than on.
The Prowler told us all lights would have to be put out upstairs so rather than join the ‘Boozy’ Boys downstairs I and my mates went out for a long walk

Tuesday, 18th November, 1947

This Evening I went to the cinema in the town to see Judy Garland in “The Harvey Girls,” quite good a colourful musical now and again.

Wednesday, 19th November, 1947
A lovely day again today.  The grass is covering the valleys in the short time since the first day of rain and the mountains are looking more pleasant though the colour of the rocks will not change.

Thursday, 20th November, 1947        
I think I shall always remember the Princesses (sic) wedding day.
On my part I went on the investigation of the cases this morning.  A murder in Hawara & a stone quarry man who broke his contract at Deer Sherif. [Dayr Sharaf]
In the afternoon, Bicknell & I played snooker until 6pm.
On entering the Billet I was pounced upon by various people who told me I was wanted in the Station.  I got on the phone to learn that John Conway had just received news that he was leaving for England on leave on Saturday.  I was to take over so all evening up to 10.30pm John was handing over.
I only wish I felt more confident in the responsible position I now hold.

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