Tuesday 12 November 2013

27th & 28th October, 1947 - Ron is laid low with a cold, bad news and 'end of holiday blues'... but Beirut nightlife seems to help.

Monday, 27th October, 1947
I now have a cold, from where I have obtained it I don’t know.  In the club this morning I received a phone message from Dorothy saying that she was too ill to meet me this evening.
I was very disappointed at this and I was not looking forward to and evening alone.

As it happened I went out with Rich & Stan first to the “Dug Out” to hear the really brilliant pianist there then on to a cinema to see “Bedelia.”  We then went to the Kit-Kat for the latter part of the floor show then on to the “Copacabana” for a few beers.  Here we met John who having taken Liz home at 11.30 after a rather dull evening came back here when he saw the light.
We found it amusing that ‘Ajram’ the millionaire owner should favour us with so much of his attention until about 3.30 in the morning.


Tuesday, 28th October, 1947
Well the fateful day has arrived.
All packed and ready to return to the routine of Palestine life.  We had to wait for two hours as the truck had broken down.  This made us late and meant it was dark long before we reached Jenin so that we spent the night there.  I met Bob & we spent a quiet evening in the canteen.

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