Thursday 14 November 2013

29th - 31st October, 1947 - Back to Nablus and straight back to work

Wednesday, 29th October, 1947
Up at 6am this morning complete the last part of the journey.  Half I did by truck, the rest by bus.

I arrived at the station to find [it] in a complete flap.  The “I.G.” is going to inspect the station & records on Monday and everyone is in a flat spin as all the work has to be checked for the year.

I had my first Anti Cholera injection then got weaving on the work.
Stopping only a short time for lunch I rushed back and with the Inspector, Conway, Sgt Woods & a couple of Palestinians we got through about a quarter of the work by 8pm.

Thursday, 30th October, 1947
I was at work by 7.30am this morning in order to get a lot more done.
We all worked solidly again snatching only a short period for lunch.  Conway & I worked

until 10pm, getting some food sent in from the club.

Friday, 31st October, 1947
Bags more work today, forgery doesn’t come into some of the things we have done to get straight.  Signatures & sales

Incomplete Palestine Police emblem embroidery
included in Dad's photo album
I managed to get the evening off & went to the cinema.

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