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5th - 7th November, 1947 - A change of beds, Ron recognises some home truths about his work and enjoys the cinema showing...

Wednesday, 5th November, 1947
I had my second cholera injection at 12am this morning and felt no effect from it at all today.
My bedstead was changed today for a very strong one.

Leaving work at 6pm I returned to the billet to find the engine had failed so that there were no lights.  Proceeding to the Hurricane Lighted dining room I carried my rifle vertically by the trigger guard on my right side.  Sgt Graham came out of the dark on my left and asked me where my rifle was.  I escaped as I had mine but many other chaps were not so fortunate & were placed on charges.  He received a bad chit over the inspection yesterday & I suspect he is trying to curry favour with the powers that be by tightening up on the arm carrying rules.

Thursday, 6th November, 1947
The Khutheh brothers are still in court.  Today the case was adjourned until Saturday when the court intends to visit the scene of the crime as the witnesses are not clear enough in their accounts of the incidents.  It is rumoured that when Conway goes the B.C.“I” in the Urban will replace him & I will go on a B.C. “I”’s course in Jerusalem.  I hope so in a way.  It would be too much for me to take over the Rural “I” branch.  A really competent man is required.  I have reached the conclusion that a B.C.“I” to be any good has to work to a terrific system & have an enormous memory for detail.


Friday,7th November, 1947
The remarkable thing about the Friday evening cinema show in the Club, is the fact that although the defects in production are a regular feature the audience never lessens in density and never fails to see the funny side when the gremlins in the sound box gives a soprano a Basso Profundo voice.

This evening Esther Williams was the attraction playing a non swimming roll in “Hoodlum Saint.”[1] 

[1] Esther Williams was a competitive swimmer as a teenager and later became a Hollywood actress - many of her roles using her swimming skills...

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