Thursday 28 November 2013

5th - 7th December, 1947 - A final demonstration and things start to get back to normal - Policing practices are a little questionable though.

Friday, 5th December, 1947
Today the Arabs had their last big demonstrations (for the time being) thousands came into the town and attended meetings addressed by the mayor & other notables.  We warned all the Palestinian Police to pass on the word that tomorrow all roads leading to Nablus would be checked by Police.

I went to the club Cinema to see “The Spiral Staircase.”

Saturday, 6th December, 1947
Last evening some Tulkarm Police were passing through & they met Arabs on the road firing rifles into the air.  They arrested two & brought them into the station.  We told them this was not the policy the Police were adopting (unofficially) and we quietly pushed the Arabs & their arms outside the door.
The road block was also just as farcical.  At 100yds before the block a Palestinian was posted with instructions to tell any lorries loaded as they have …

Sunday, 7th December, 1947
… been of late to turn and go back.  The populace had been well lectured by their leaders on Friday & not one lorry load tried to come into town.  If only Arabs had a leader with brains they could drive every Jew out of the country when we leave.

Today Sunday was as peaceful as ever.

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