Wednesday 16 October 2013

11th - 14th August, 1947 - For an adventure, nothing much is happening at the moment and the swotting is a struggle!

Monday, 11th August, 1947
Nothing very exciting happens here at any time.
We are rather looking forward to the Army as it will be some change in local conditions.

Tuesday, 12th August, 1947

A Major in the Welsh Guards turned up today to look the district over before sending his troops here.
“Blanko” asked him of his intentions, he replied “Too damn hot here for them” so it looks as if that’s off.  
Masoud Shedadeh did not apparently let the Palestinians know about these troop movements as the wireless operator, a peculiarly bad-tempered Palestinian, came and asked me if I knew anything about it.  I told him it was probably too damned hot for them here.  This apparently satisfied him.

Wednesday, 13 August, 1947
I went to Court this morning, was bored stiff with the many R.T.O. contraventions the fines fore which have very little affect on the finees I fancy as the majority were smirking rather contemptuously as they left the dock.

Our Prisoner accused of robbery down the Ghore was dismissed as the Magistrate saw reason to doubt the truth of the complainant’s statement.

Thursday, 14th August, 1947
Bags of Law again today

Why can’t those words like “Dwelling House” “Law” “Public” etc have shorter definitions.

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