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14th - 16th July, 1947 - Lost property, new recruits and trouble in Nathania...

Monday, 14th July, 1947
Nothing much happened this morning the Inspector & Corporal went to Court so I was left to my own devices.
A wallet containing some papers, a comb & 6½ piasters was found & brought to the station – the finder was an illiterate farmer.  The owner's name & address were inside so he will come in in a day or so.

This afternoon three older B/Cs were added to the station strength.  B/C Humphries who has just returned from his N.C.O’s course in Jenin is being made up very shortly.  The other two B/Cs Roughton and Kirk are old members at Nablus Foot Police.

Tuesday, 15th July, 1947
Nothing very exciting again today.

Wednesday, 16th July, 1947
I went to Nablus Magistrates Court this morning to hear the examination of the charge of manslaughter against a youth accused of killing his father.  A witness from Nazareth did not arrive so the hearing was adjourned.

I heard today of the struggles in Nathania.  The place is just being uprooted in the suspected fruitless efforts to find the missing policemen.[1]
Nathania Main Road - see below for information
regarding this photograph[2]
Floors are being torn up, cupboards, doors, windows in fact anything capable of holding two dead or alive bodies is [broken].  As a corollary a terrific amount of looting is in progress.  A diamond factory was searched but not even a diamond was found.  Bedrooms are entered at very inopportune times more to the embarrassment of the Police than the occupants apparently.

[1] I have no information about this story and wonder if something has happened during the two days that Dad didn't write in his diary.
I have subsequently found the story of two Police Sergeants who were kidnapped and murdered

[2] In researching this entry I came upon this website a fascinating collection of photos by the late Harry Charles Farmer, an exact contemporary of Dad's in Palestine.  Mr Farmer was posted with the Army - a keen photographer, his photos seem to be of rather better quality than Dad's.  The website has been created by Harry's son, C A Farmer but unfortunately there is no email address attached whereby I can ask for permission to use this photo.  So I hope he doesn't mind.  Maybe C A Farmer will one day find his way to this blog!

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