Tuesday 15 October 2013

7th - 10th August, 1947 - (That word again...) Expected inspection doesn't occur... Ron summoned as a police witness... and the Army arrival imminent.

Thursday, 7th August, 1947
I was left alone this evening while the rest of the Foot were out on a patrol.  Joseph came over for me & I went and played cards with them.  I was very amused tonight to hear one of the Palestinians tell another in similar tone & words as we use when one member of our mess tells another to control his language in front of a “Wog”.

Friday, 8th August, 1947
Nothing spectacular happened today we were told to expect A.S.P so we all got dressed up in uniform & boots & even got our rifles out of our wardrobes where they are kept locked except on visits such as this.

He did not turn up however which pleased us and annoyed us at the same time.

Saturday, 9th August, 1947
Nothing very exciting today.

I was given a summons to appear as a witness on the 23rd, in a robbery case.  I only have to give witness that I was present when the accused voluntarily gave his evidence.

Sunday, 10th August, 1947
I dressed up in civvies today just so that I will not loose the touch of the finer materials.

We were told today that very shortly a party of troops are going to pitch a camp just outside & go on manoeuvres over the area to get to know it in case of trouble.

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