Friday 25 October 2013

5th - 7th September, 1947 - Poultry rustling and a whirlwind...

Friday, 5th September, 1947
A case of theft reported this morning.  The Tubas village school poultry house was broken into & 33 chickens and 2 hens stolen.  I went out to the case.  After investigations we drank coffee with Sgt Ahmad in his house.

Saturday, 6th September, 1947
A case of trespass reported this morning

I received some snaps from the photographers in Nablus.

Sunday, 7th September, 1947
Starting at 7am this morning Sgt Ahmad, Ryan, Roughton & I went down to the Ghore by the rough route.  On the way we visited the scene of the trespass yesterday.  Nothing extraordinary or out of the ordinary happened today except that I experienced my first whirlwind.  I was in a tent and first the light became dull with a breeze then the storm hit and everyone had to hold onto the tent ropes to keep it down.  2 minutes and it was over and the dust had settled.

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