Wednesday, 9 October 2013

21st - 24th July, 1947 - Ron's suffering from the wind... ('twas ever thus!) and more trouble with knives.

Monday, 21st July, 1947

The Kamseen [1] which has been blowing dropped a little today but the heat is still pretty bad.
I have not met the heat I was expecting to encounter from the tales I had been told before I came here.

This may be because I have become more or less acclimatized.

Tuesday, 22nd July, 1947
Nothing of interest occurred on this day.

Wednesday, 23rd July, 1947
All the five foot went out again this evening on a volunteer ambush patrol.  Nothing occurred I rather think because the moonlight was too bright for flights.

Thursday, 24th July, 1947

A rather petty but complicated assault was reported this morning.  A man, the complainant, complained to his partner that the latters cattle had been allowed to stray on ground they mutually owned.  The argument was not heated but the partner reported the incident to two of his friends who thought retribution should be made.  These then went to the Comp. & assaulted him with sticks & a dagger.  The case no matter how slight the injuries are has to be accepted as a dagger was involved.

[1] The Kamseen or Khamsin  is an oppressively hot, southerly wind from the Sahara that blows across Egypt in the spring.  I am indebted to Jim Wright for the use of his striking photograph above.  Visit his blog The LeftWright Brain for more pictures of this amazing meteorological phenomenon.

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