Thursday 17 October 2013

18th - 20th August, 1947 - A couple of quiet days then a trip out to Ghore...

Monday, 18th August, 1947
The Palestinians are still bedecked in best civvies today.

Tuesday, 19th August, 1947
Nothing of importance happened today.

Wednesday, 20th August, 1947
An excellent day today.
Went to Ghore via “No Road” past MALEH hot springs with its green valley.  In the Ghore the P/I commandeered 3 horses & we rode down to the Jordan.  I expect to be stiff tomorrow.
Many cups of coffee from the Bedouins.
Excellent lunch from Tubas Muchtar living in a tent in the Ghore.  A big “preserving pan” held the meal enough for 36 men.  The guests eat from it first and then in order of importance down to the boys and then into the next room for the women.
The meal consisted of bread (Arabic) on the bottom then stacks of rice then a roast lamb on top.

On the way back Paddy shot a Gazelle.  What revelry there will be.  First shot at 400yrds up in the mountain.  Everyone was very happy about this.

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