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21st -24th August, 1947 - Court, "the last of the gazelle" and a little light police work...

Thursday, 21st August, 1947
Went to Nablus to the trial of Mohd. Rajah Mustapha.  I was not called to give evidence as the Judge was quite confident the man was telling lies.
He got 6 months & his licence on his last case taken and a further 12 months in its place.

Friday, 22nd August, 1947
Very quiet day today.

We saw the last of the Gazelle today.[1]

[1] Is he saying what I think he's saying?  "Saw" the last of the gazelle - hmmm!

Saturday, 23rd August, 1947
Nothing very much doing today.
Sarg. asked me if I would like to go with him on a patrol tonight.  To make a change from the office I said I would.
We went to Tubas by truck.  McShannon & I caught a fellow on a horse carrying 25 cartridges in his saddle bags.
Sgt. Got two lots of contraband from some shops.

Tubas Police Station -
Apologies for the poor quality of this photo but I think you can see
the rough terrain through which the two 'Nablus Boys' have hiked... 
Sunday, 24th August, 1947
A very quiet day.

We were very surprised to see two of the Nablus Boys turn up at lunch time they had just walked from Nablus straight across country in 2 hours.  Quite an achievement and one I should not like to undertake, not over those mountains.

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