Thursday 31 October 2013

20th - 24th September, 1947 - Ron's settling into the work at Nablus and there's time for a little recreation.

Saturday, 20th September, 1947
I am getting into the swing of the job here now & and tackle most jobs after a fashion.

Sunday, 21st September, 1947
I did not go to the office this morning as there was nothing to do.

Monday, 22nd September, 1947
My hours are not set but usually from 8am to 1pm then 4pm to 6pm.

I have been playing a great deal of chess in the evenings of late.[1]
 [1] Ron had previously enjoyed playing chess during his time at the BBC where games would be played between operators in different parts of the world via the radio...  He later taught us - I'm not sure I ever beat him!

Tuesday, 23rd September, 1947
Plenty of work again today.

Wednesday, 24th September, 1947
These pictures were of the Mule race that took place at Easter but...
Went to Jeruslaem today to see the Force versus the Irish Guards at sports.  Myself & two others did not take rifles we thought we would have a change.  We went into the city but as all the shops were shut we were back & watched the sports.  Several races were very good, and other events.  There were two comedy races a donkey race for officers and a bicycle race also for officers, they had to mount from the wrong side and dismount the same side – no easy feat. can't have too many pictures of people mules!

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