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4th - 6th August, 1947 - More studies planned, and some recreation...

Monday, 4th August, 1947
Sgt Blanks asked me if I would like to take my Pro. Pay exam.  I had not intended to but now it seems I am not to be transferred I think I will try it.

It would be almost impossible if I were in Nablus owing to the never ceasing pressure of work.  If I am to stay here and I work very hard at it I may be lucky.  So much of the law has to be memorised.

Today was nothing like a Bank Holiday here.

Tuesday, 5th August, 1947
Tennis this morning with Ryan on the tarmac before the Station front door.
We have no court but knock the ball with full force at each other.  This gives us plenty of exercise and is about the only way we can exercise except by going for walks.

Dear sarg. won’t let us put a chalk marked court for a form of deck quotes [quoits?] which we have obtained from Welfare complete rings & net.
I think it is probably safe to post this address now, after 63 years.
I don't know whether Cousin Sylvia ever engaged in correspondence!

Wednesday, 6th August, 1947
Swotted some law today or at least started to then Mohd.  Kanan came in and of course engaged me in conversation.

I have sent a letter of his with an introductory one of mine to Cousin Sylvia who wants an Arab to add to the 13 other pen pals.

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