Tuesday 29 October 2013

12th - 15th September, 1947 - Ron is Nablus bound...

Friday, 12th September, 1947
Enough work again today to keep me busy.  Sarg Ahmad is still keeping out the way.

Saturday, 13th September, 1947
Mohd came back from Nablus today with the surprising news that I am on transfer to Nablus on Monday.  I wonder if I shall make it this time. Or get it cancelled at the last moment as last time.

Sunday, 14th September, 1947
Sargeant Blanks has asked me six times today if I am packed ready to go.  In the evening I stood beers all round but Sarg. refused - as an excuse he said that if he had a beer he would be expected to keep the bar open all night.  He did have a glass of Port from Mohd’s bottle.
Nablus Rural was a fully mounted Police Station which
seems to offer an appropriate opportunity
to post this picture of Ron on his mule!

Monday, 15th September, 1947
Well I made the journey this time and arrived at Nablus Rural again.  I went to the office this afternoon but of course did not do very much work.

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