Wednesday 30 October 2013

16th - 19th September, 1947 - Settling in at Nablus, Ron finds the work somewhat more demanding on his fingers!

Tuesday, 16th September, 1947
Still settling in today.  I have to learn to typewrite as all correspondence is typewritten here.  What a difference to the Tubas methods.  There I had the office to myself & Mohd.  Here the station sarg shares half.  There are files & books everywhere.  I think I shall settle down one day but it is very much more of a rush than it ever was in Tubas.

Wednesday, 17th September, 1947
I have been doing a lot of typewriting today and put a lot of old cases straight.  When I see what is done here I see what pointless trouble we took in Tubas.

Thursday, 18th September, 1947
I go to the office at eight and finish for lunch about 12.45pm.
Conway the B/C. ‘I’ has told me that he never gets back again till 4pm so I need not.  Then we finish for the evening anytime after 5.30pm.

Friday, 19th September, 1947
I wrote in all the new cases today, cases ranging from attempted murder to affray with 25 accuseds.

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