Tuesday 22 October 2013

2nd - 4th September, 1947 - More Army comings and goings... and a spectacular "firework display"!

Tuesday, 2nd September, 1947
Some new Army arrived here today the party is again Welsh Guards fewer in number this time.

Wednesday, 3rd September, 1947
Nothing very much today.

Two C.M.P’s [1] arrived here this afternoon to gather details of the boys who were killed.  I told them all we knew and let them copy some of the statements.

[1]Not quite sure what "C.M.P" stands for but I imagine it was some sort of Military Policeman - anyone know?

Thursday, 4th September, 1947   
This morning the army began to move out.  No more are coming I think.
About two kilos from the station the road becomes very steep & has a double bend in it.  The army ammunition truck would not climb this and while a Dispatch Rider was by the side of the truck the motor bike went up in flames.  The canvas cover to the truck caught and soon the blaze was beyond control.  It burned for ¾ of an hour and all the ammunition exploded.  The noise was terrific as mortar bombs & grenades exploded.  The rounds going off sounded like a battery of machine guns.  Many arms including 8 Brens, & 2 stens  a number of rifles & mortars were destroyed.
The Dispatch Rider was the only one injured and he only sustained a slight burn on his thigh.
Sgt Blanks was soon off on his horse with the 1st Aid Kit under his arm.

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