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28th July - 3rd August, 1947 - Ron is disappointed in his transfer hopes. He hangs with the locals...

Monday, 28th - Wednesday 30th July, 1947
No Entries

Thursday, 31st July, 1947
We were paid today which pleased everyone and especially the Canteen Manager to whom a sum of £30 was owing by all but fo[u]r of us.

Inspector Coles told me to come to Nablus tomorrow.

I packed my case and box and was all ready by this evening.
Sgt Blanks asked me if I would like to go up this evening but while we were discussing this a W.T. message came telling me that the transfer was cancelled.

I don’t know why this is but guess it is because the B/C I at the Urban is on leave & my relief was detailed to do his job.

Friday, 1st August, 1947
Well I must settle down to Tubas again.

This evening all the Foot except me went to the cinema.
I joined the Palestinians and played my first game of cards with them.
15’s it was called very much like Rummy, everyone was dealt 14 cards and one had 15.  He threw one away the next man had a chance of it or the down-turned pile to make blocks of 3 or 4 or runs of any suit.

Saturday, 2nd August, 1947
The truck went to Nablus and when it came back I was told that the B/C “I” in the Rural is going on a Fingerprint Identification Course.

Sunday, 3rd August, 1947
Was very quiet today as usual nothing to do.

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