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15th - 17th August, 1947 - After the Cinema, Ron abstains from the drinking but does allow himself a little gamble!... and then experiences Eid!

Friday, 15th August, 1947

As usual very little work.  I did the weekly returns and I returned to my law studying.

This evening in the company of Sgt Blanks, B/C’s Randal & Duck, I went to Nablus to the Club Cinema.  The film was “Waterloo Bridge
A very good story.  As they had two projectors in action instead of just one there were very few breaks for a change.  Therefore the show ended much earlier than usual in fact at 9.30.  This left time for drinks for the drinking fraternity.  The Sarg noted with concern that the S.P & his three chums got through a whole bottle of whisky.  Randal in a semi state seemed very concerned at my abstinence possibly because he had no real claim on a pint from me.  We did not have to walk back this time but had to endure Randal cursing the ?Ashi discooking? Etc etc
Sometimes Dad's handwriting defeats me... it looks
like maybe he had had a drink or two after all!

Saturday, 16th August, 1947
Plenty of Law again today.

The tennis court was made today before the Sarg got to hear of our activity.

This evening I played chess and after a game of cribbage – not for money but for two orangeades, a meat pie & two pieces of cake.

Sunday, 17th August, 1947
The Wogs end their month of Ramadan to-day.

Several times this morning I was greeted with “Merry Christmas” as the feast they have today is equivalent to our Christmas.

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