Sunday 6 October 2013

17th - 20th July, 1947 - An eventful trip to the cinema then a Foot Patrol

Thursday, 17th July, 1947
No entry

Friday, 18th July, 1947
I did all the weekly reports this morning this exhausted the work for the day.

In the early evening five of us including the Sargeant went by truck to Nablus to see the film in the Club, Random Harvest.   A very good story well acted.  The projector became faulty and the actresses all developed Basso Profundo voices.  After the show we set out for the station & the truck broke down about quarter of the way from Nablus.  We pushed her over the first hill & rode down the long slope of the other side.  When we encountered the next hill we were still 6 kilos away from the station.  These we walked at a terrific rate arriving in a terrific sweat at a quarter to one in the morning.

Saturday, 19th July, 1947
After last night’s walk no-one was feeling very energetic today especially as the terrific heat of the last few days continued.

Sunday, 20th July, 1947
This morning all the Foot Personnel went for a Walk-Patrol.  We went in “Yasid” direction.  The rocky barrenness out there is the worst I have yet seen.  A veritable desert of rocks.  The heat was terrific all the morning.

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