Monday 28 October 2013

8th - 11th September, 1947 - A couple of prisoners and a bit of trouble among the sergeants

Monday, 8th September, 1947
The Palestinian Sargeant went to Nablus this morning by truck.

In the afternoon B/C Duck and patrol returned with two prisoners.  One was a shop keeper from Aqqaba village the other a Transjordan Frontier Force Private.

The former was arrested for selling contraband tobacco and cigarettes.  I was present when he was interrogated & made his statement.  The poor fellow had no hands they looked to be cut off right across from the second joint of the thumb.  What surprised me most was to see him pick up a pencil with the centre of his palm and sign his name in much better writing than many fully capable Arabs.

The T.J.F.F. man caused us a bit of bother he created a disturbance when he was arrested and no-one but Sarg. Blanks knew what procedure should be adopted as he was a gov employee.  Sarg let the Pal. Sarg. worry for a while then told him.

Sgt Blanks ( Blanchard )
Tuesday, 9th September, 1947
Sarg. Blanks & Ahmad Hussein are still at loggerheads but neither admits it.  All Blanco admits is that although he hasn’t a face that shows knowledge he has it in his head.  No one argues with him but thought put forward many arguments.

Wednesday, 10th September, 1947
Very much work this morning but I managed to clear up outstanding jobs by lunch time.

Thursday, 11th September, 1947
Mohd. admitted to me this morning that Sgt Ahmad keeps out the way as he knows nothing of the work.  He has told Mohd. to do as he likes.  This of course would lead to many complications.

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